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We only make products that are worth feeding to our parents, spouses, siblings, kids, and best friends. We value those people around us and we call them family, thats why we always choose the highest quality ingredients when experimenting what to bring to the table next.

Many food and beverage recipes are delicious but couldn’t make it to the store shelves due to the high cost of the materials and the short shelf-life. In other words, food and beverage made at home spoils very quickly – why? – good question! Its because what you prepare at home is not heavily processed and most importantly not treated with preservatives that kill the bacteria.

When you see foods that have a very long shelf-life, it means that bacteria didn’t find value in it and left it. So why would you eat it?

Thats where we come!

Our mission is to push the clean eating industry forward by introducing new products that are made with simple ingredients and minimal processing, just like the ones you do at home. And make them widely accessible and affordable.

Oh and by the way..
preservatives, concentrates, artificial ingredients that we don’t even know how to spell nor pronounce are strictly not allowed into our facility.

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